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50-minute session:  $200.00
75-minute session:  $250.00

90-minute session:  $300.00

120-minute session: $400.00

Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, HSA Card

Out of Network Insurance:

A receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement upon request.  

Free Phone Consultation

Because I believe in the importance of a good fit in the therapeutic relationship, I offer a free initial 

phone consultation to see if I will be a good match for you.



Payment due at time of service.

I do not accept “In Network” insurance.  This is preferable to many clients, as health insurance companies require that a diagnosis of your mental condition be reported before they will reimburse for mental health care services.  This diagnosis will become part of your permanent insurance record.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Phone:  513-317-8113



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