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You need a therapist who can be a neutral third party and a strong advocate for both partner's needs.

Couples Counseling

Marital, Premarital, & Relationship Therapy

We all want to love and be loved - and we want our partner to be "our person," our safe place, to have our back, and to be our biggest cheerleader.

We think love should be easy, but it's not.  

Resentments can grow in even the best relationships and undermine the loving feelings.

It's important to understand these resentments, get them out on the table, sort through them and find resolution or compromise.  

A Healthy Relationship is Hard Work!

Have a resistant spouse or significant other?


Ask them to give me a call anytime with no obligation to make an appointment.  


What have they got to lose?


When a new couple comes to my office, I look for 3 basic characteristics:

  1. A Strong Foundation - At one time in your marriage, there was love and friendship.

  2. Humility - Each partner is willing to examine their own flaws and admit mistakes.

  3. Compassion - Both spouses can empathize with their partner as a flawed but worthy human being.


Whether you have these or are willing to learn and foster these characteristics, you are on the path to creating a fulfilling relationship for both of you.

I've been married to my husband for 30 years, and it "ain't all been grand!"  I bring to my work my own life experiences with marital ups and downs, raising kids, learning to communicate effectively, resolving conflict, and adjusting to the "empty nest."  Some of my life lessons have been hard-earned.  But I believe the hardest experiences are the best teachers and we grow strongest through overcoming life's difficulties.

Read below to see the issues I commonly treat in couples counseling:

& Connection

Have you lost the ability to communicate with each other without arguments and hurt feelings?  


Have you lost the loving connection that you once had?  


I help couples learn how to rejuvenate their relationship with healthy communication and stronger emotional connections.

Together or Apart?

Have you come to a crossroads in your marriage?  


Are you trying to decide if it's best to move forward together or separate? 

My non-judgmental

 approach can help you sort out what's best for everyone involved and move forward with dignity - together or apart.   I often help couples find hope when they thought there was none.  

Money, Sex, Parenting, Yikes!

So many potential pitfalls in a relationship!  


I've been there,

done that.  

I can give you perspective on the difficult issues you are dealing with and help you find common ground.


Betrayal comes in many forms and it can tear a relationship apart.  

I help couples understand confusing emotions and rebuild trust.

Click here to see what I have to say about the most common form of betrayal: 

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